Breastfeeding Education

Being Breastfeeding Friendly is gaining in popularity and importance to keep up with today's best practices. Learn the basics of why breastfeeding is so big in today's culture, the benefits to supporting breastfeeding, and what you can do to support a breastfeeding friendly culture in your organization. Information can be tailored to your needs and be very basic for beginners or more advanced for those already familiar/comfortable with breastfeeding culture. If needed, consultation to create nursing spaces and resources to help you do so can also be provided.

Ideal for:

- businesses hoping to become Breastfeeding Friendly

- maintaining Breastfeeding Friendly Certification

- any organization hoping to increase knowledge on breastfeeding or improve organization culture surrounding breastfeeding support

Maren has provided training for the Wild Plum Center in Longmont to become Breastfeeding Friendly Certified and helped them create nursing areas at all of their locations using funds from Boulder County's Breastfeeding Coalition. 

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