Areas of Treatment

While I enjoy working with most aspects of mental and relational health there are some areas that I have particular interest and training. 

Couples Therapy

Maintaining a healthy relationship between partners is an intensive job and many of us did not have role models to teach us how to be successful in our relationships. Very rarely do we want to intentionally injure our partners but also do not understand when they are set off by something we did not even realize we were doing!


As a Gottman Level II trained therapist, we can work to gain tools that build the relationship you have always wanted including working through conflict, interrupting unhelpful patterns, and fostering a deeper connection.

Premarital Therapy

How many hours have you spent planning your wedding? If you’re like many couples, probably a lot. On the other hand, how many hours have you spent planning your MARRIAGE? With 50% of modern marriages ending in divorce, clearly we are not setting ourselves up for success. Gain insight into what makes for a happy marriage and tools to ensure a lasting relationship. During premarital sessions you and your partner will grow your connection, learn how to 'fight well', and engage in important conversations for your future! 

My Approach

I pull from many different therapeutic modalities and have been known to try some creative approaches to treatment. You will find that I am very professional but also approachable with a balance of humor and seriousness in my practice. I am also committed to forward momentum as I recognize your time is precious and therapy can be a consuming process. I want to work with you to make the progress you want in a way that honors the resources you are putting in.

​I welcome all kinds of clients into my practice. While I don't pretend to be an expert on diversity, I have had years of experience working with clients of various ethnicities, orientations, family structures, belief systems, abilities, and gender identities.


I have developed a systems approach through training and practice. This is reflected in my belief that we exist in relation to others and most struggles are a result of emotional injuries from our past. Digging into those darker places can be scary but helps to bring them to light, reducing the power they hold over us.


I also know that change is not always a steady straight line towards improvement. This fact can be intimidating and some clients have been discouraged by backsliding or plateaus to progress in the past. Let’s work to reframe challenges as not only normal in therapy, but ideal! How awesome to get to learn how to deal with setbacks in a supportive environment that helps you learn how to get back on track? My ultimate aim is to make myself obsolete so that you have the tools to work through challenges that arise in your future.

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